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We are so much more than just a Martial Arts school...

  Our emphasis on street fighting solutions, non-violent bully intervention, and constant goal setting will instil a sense of inner calm and confidence. Finally our Wing Chun programs will raise your focus, spatial awareness, coordination, while simultaneously improving concentration and reducing anxiety.

Learn how to defend yourself

No obligation, risk or deposit



Reach your full potential with WCI Dunstable!

  Learn how to stand up for yourself and your family. Our Wing Chun classes build strength, confidence, and agility while teaching simple but effective self-defence "tools". Protect yourself and your family because money and personal belongings can be replaced, but people cannot. Studying martial arts is something that anybody, at any age or fitness level can do. Book your 7 days FREE trial now and see for yourself how rewarding training with WCI is.


- Gain confidence in your abilities

- Learn how to defend yourself 
- Decrease stress and anxiety 

-Loose weight


We will help you achieve all of that and much more!


Group training:

(Adults 13+, Children 4-12 yrs)

Adults | Children | Women | Wing Chun Cardio


Summer Camp in Dunstable

Also in our offer:

Private Training

Birthday Parties

Online School




About us:

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WCI Dunstable

8 Eleanor's Cross, Dunstable, LU6 1SU

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We offer great deal for your family! Invest in two family members and every other member of your family will be training for FREE. No obligation, risk, or deposit.

Thank you for contacting WCI Dunstable! Your are very important to us and we aim to answer all enquiries within 24h.



Come and try Wing Chun Kung Fu out and if you like it we’ll give you FREE classes for a week. If after attending your complimentary class you decided to sign up you will get:

- 7 days of Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons for FREE (you can attend up to 3 classes over the period of 7 days from joining)

- 7 days FREE access to our online school

- 50% discount on all WCI Dunstable seminars

Our FUN Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons are for children aged 4 - 12 and adults 13+. 

Thank you for contacting WCI Dunstable! Your are very important to us and we aim to answer all enquiries within 24h.